The liberal-controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments in a redistricting case that Democrats hope will result in new, more favorable legislative maps for elections in 2024.
This week's case lays bare the results of a 2019 Supreme Court precedent that effectively greenlit partisan gerrymandering.
The case is the latest in a string of redistricting cases making their way through the federal courts following the 2020 census.
A newly elected liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court justice has declined to recuse herself from a pair of redistricting lawsuits.
The new 2nd congressional district for 2024 is 49% Black and voted for Joe Biden 56%-43% in 2020.
The decision was the latest to strike down new congressional maps in Southern states over concerns that they diluted Black voting power.
A common practice in drawing state legislative districts has come under question in Wisconsin.
Republicans have been reluctant to create a Democratic-leaning district despite a recent Supreme Court order.
The shock ruling will start a domino effect, but how far the pieces tumble is up in the air.
“We are in a new landscape,” said John Bisognano, president of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee.