Progressive lawmakers in several states want to extend strikers a financial lifeline as they fight for better wages and benefits.
Huge walkouts by auto workers, writers and nurses helped drive a big year for work stoppages, a new analysis shows.
The union for hotel workers says the carpenters' pension fund should be pressuring the Hyatt Regency LAX to reach a deal.
More than 400 Condé Nast union members are participating in a strike months after the company announced plans to cut 5% of its workers.
Faculty members at the country's largest public university system say they're owed better pay, longer parental leave and other workplace improvements.
The company said in October that it planned to cut about 10% of its staff, months after a report that the paper was set to lose $100 million this year.
Protests and strikes were organized in more than 30 countries as part of the annual "Make Amazon Pay" event.
The deals include raises of at least 33% over four and a half years when cost-of-living adjustments are included.
The union reached a tentative agreement with studios and producers on Wednesday, after nearly four months on strike.
The tentative agreement finally brings an end to a seismic period of dual strikes in the entertainment industry.