Tim Scott

Most of Scott's political experience was ultimately centered on being Republicans' Black best friend.
The South Carolina senator had been a long-shot candidate in the Republican primary, with him frequently polling in the single digits.
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The GOP senator and presidential candidate briefly held hands with Mindy Noce after Wednesday's debate.
Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott and others condemned Democrats for supposedly supporting abortions “up until the day of birth,” which is not a thing.
Wednesday's primary debate, the party’s third, comes just 68 days before voting begins in Iowa
“How is making life more miserable for Gazans something that helps Israel?” the CNN anchor asked the Republican lawmaker.
Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina is set to discuss the Israel-Hamas war, U.S. foreign policy and national security at Georgetown University.
A one-of-a-kind editor's note in The Washington Post reminds us that no couple sees eye to eye on everything.
The 2024 GOP presidential hopeful is getting slammed for saying welfare benefits have been more damaging to the Black community.