2023 elections

The results from an election cycle widely viewed as a preview for 2024 are bad news for the group’s ultra-conservative agenda.
“We can’t give in to the idea that the federal Congress has no role in this matter because if it doesn’t, then the pro-life movement is basically not going to exist," Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance said.
Fox News host Steve Doocy gave a remarkably frank analysis about Republican candidates running where reproductive rights are a hot topic.
"Well that is the law in Missouri right now," former Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill tweeted about the Fox News host's remark.
David “Red” Worrall, attempting a political comeback, cited previous health issues in his candidate profile.
A refuted vote-rigging accusation tried to discredit Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear's victory.
Biden is struggling; his party is thriving. What’s the deal?
Reeves’ Democratic opponent, Brandon Presley, ran on expanding Medicaid and cleaning up corruption.
Loudoun County has become a poster child for the battle over culture war issues in public schools, including trans students' rights and discussions on race.
Democrats in the state have again thwarted Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s pursuit of a 15-week abortion ban.