adam silver

“The NBA overextends [its] social media employees greatly to the detriment of their health and social lives for ... less than $50k annually after taxes.”
The Memphis Grizzlies point guard was suspended by his team in May after his involvement in another gun-related incident on social media.
Adam Silver criticized the Brooklyn Nets guard for his response after tweeting a link to "deeply offensive antisemitic material."
Leonard will also be required by the league to participate in a cultural diversity program.
"Basketball questions only," the official said when stars James Harden and Russell Westbrook were asked about free speech.
Commissioner Adam Silver told press that the NBA is committed to free speech after China rebuked Rockets GM Daryl Morey for supporting protestors in Hong Kong.
The Basketball Africa League will be the first time the NBA collaborates to operate a league outside of North America.
"There is absolutely no reason why a woman will not ascend to be a head coach in this league," Adam Silver said.
The seven-time world champion believes that Kevin Durant deserves zero criticism for heading west.