Taryn Delanie Smith, aka 2022's Miss New York, told HuffPost that providing people with comfort during a difficult time is “all I’ve ever wanted to do in my life.”
"Did your dad pass recently, Noah?” the medium asked. “I think this is him and he has a message. Do you want to hear it?”
Shows like "Miracle Workers" and "The Good Place" set the afterlife in the office. What hath capitalism wrought?
“I’m seeing someone behind you. A man with dark hair. Did someone close to you hang himself?” she asked.
The new "LifeAfter" podcast grapples with the future of our digital footprint.
I am finally certain beyond a reason of a doubt that there is much more to reality than we have any idea. And I look forward to seeing the developments in this area. This can change your world view, and who knows where that might lead.