aidy bryant

Bryant got big laughs while lobbing insults at stars like Natalie Portman and Sterling K. Brown.
Her character Colleen Rafferty is picked to head to outer space — permanently: "Why not? I always kind of felt like an alien on this planet anyway."
“Is that a crime?” Bryant asked the audience after telling the “Dune” star she has a recurring role called “the Sexual Woman.”
Aidy Bryant's obsequious Cruz also begs Donald Trump: "Hit me, choke me, spit in my face. I just want to stay in the mix.”
The “SNL” star and “Search Party” actor’s appearance as a couple on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” is late-night TV magic.
Aidy Bryant's miffed senator starts his own "Cruz Street" where the episode is sponsored by "Q" — the man, not the letter.
"I can't believe I slept with Aidy's husband," Kim complains.
The "Saturday Night Live" star dished on a meal that fell apart.
"Dad" poses for prom photos with his daughter and her date with a shotgun. "People are doing it. It's a thing, like 'Bang!'" explains Bennett in explosive sketch.
Chris Rock, the host for the season premiere, recalled in a cameo that Donald Trump vowed COVID-19 would disappear and then got it the week the comedian was on the show.