Alina Habba

The late night host tore into the "Gambozo" family over their latest courtroom claim.
Alina Habba swiftly corrected herself after fumbling remarks aimed at Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp.
Alina Habba unwittingly "destroyed" the explanation, said critics.
Alina Habba reminded people there's special protocol for classified documents, ignoring the fact Trump is in trouble for allegedly breaking those rules.
“No tapes were deleted. He turned them over,” lawyer Alina Habba said of Mar-a-Lago security video. “He cooperated as he always does.”
Alina Habba suggested news about the former president's legal woes amounted to "election interference."
Habba will now assume the role of legal spokesperson and general counsel in Trump’s Save America PAC, the former president's campaign announced.
Alina Habba's furious response on Fox News to the indictment of the former president went spectacularly awry.
The CNN host tried to keep it professional as sparring escalated with Donald Trump's attorney, but to no avail.
Trump and DeSantis could wind up as foes in the 2024 election, but a lawyer for the former president advised the Florida governor to stay where he is.