anti-asian racism

Maria Bartiromo also floated the idea that immigrants are ditching their passports to assume new identities in the U.S.
With “Liquor Store Dreams,” So Yun Um examines racism among Korean people. The film also invites an uncomfortable discussion among Black audiences.
"I have come to understand more clearly where I messed up and why this behavior was wrong," Jarrett wrote in a statement.
The actor, who assaulted two Vietnamese men in 1988, handed the cast of “Everything Everywhere All At Once” a SAG trophy on Sunday night.
Trump's former transportation secretary has previously made a point of not responding to the ex-president's comments.
"Therein lies the problem with #StopAsianHate. It has a limited definition of what racism toward us looks and feels like on a daily basis."
Madeline Barker, 47, is facing hate crime charges after allegedly making anti-Asian remarks and using pepper spray toward people.
Jeremy Theron Smith, 36, was arrested early Tuesday and charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in the May 11 shooting.
"I never leave home without pepper spray, with the safety unlocked and in an accessible place in my pocket."
"Many of us Asian New Yorkers are afraid. But the emotion that rises in me is not crippling fear; it is un-fucking-adulterated rage."