beauty pageant

Miss Black USA, Miss Gorgeous Prince George's and other competitions have been honoring Black beauty and heritage for over half a century.
O. Stecina competed in the 2019 pageant despite not identifying as female, and it altered the way they see themself.
Ivanna Cázares, who is Miss Trans Beauty Mexico 2019, wants to "bring a message to society of respect" through her victory.
"He's Scamp the Champ, no longer Scamp the Tramp."
Sara Iftekhar is the first hijab-wearing beauty queen to appear in the Miss England pageant finals.
"We all want a good life where we are treated like everyone else and not discriminated against,” the winner says.
A new book excerpt says Trump thought certain women in his beauty pageant were "too ethnic."
Mikayla Holmgren is breaking barriers as the first state Miss USA contestant with Down syndrome.
"The butts of Brazilian women remain slaves" of advertising, said a contest critic.
The contest's swimsuit competition finally ended once he left.