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There are so many reasons Black women — a vulnerable population in this context — don’t talk about PrEP. Here’s how that might change.
The hair salon is a safe space for many Black people. Here, owners discuss the importance of their role in the community.
Karl Manke, 77, told AP he’s not backing down even though barbershops and hair salons present a high risk of virus transmission.
With COVID-19 forcing barbershops and hair salons to close, many are being left with the responsibility of trying to manage and style their own hair.
The hair salon says too many employees at the local Tyson plant have been infected with the coronavirus.
More salons are utilizing gender-neutral pricing, charging for the time you spend in the chair rather than your sex.
Reps for the beauty firm note that sales have already popped back in China after lockdown measures were eased.
Local restaurants, coffee shops, hair salons, cleaning services, independent booksellers and other spots are suffering from a lack of customers.
Le' Jemalik is a women only boutique and salon in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.