The "Encino Man" actor has hinted that he hopes the role can result in a comeback like former co-stars Brendan Fraser and Ke Huy Quan have experienced in recent years.
The "Industry" actor is a dead ringer for the late music icon in the biopic’s international teaser trailer.
Perry reportedly told a friend the day before he died that was pondering a biopic about his life — and wanted Efron to play him.
Perry and the other actor had played older and younger versions of the same character in an earlier project.
“Priscilla” and “Maestro” take the tired trope of the supportive but long-suffering wife of a male protagonist and turn it on its head.
Reggae fans wanting a biopic of the music icon won’t be waiting in vain much longer.
"I intend to expand his legacy for generations to come," the "Pose" actor said of the pioneering author, who he previously quoted in his 2019 Emmys speech.
The "Industry" actor will take on the role of the late music icon in "Back to Black," directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson.
The new film on the life of the “White and Nerdy” musician parodies clichéd biopics but dodges thornier questions about him as a cultural phenomenon.
One Twitter wit claimed the film parody was "easily the best movie in the Harry Potter franchise."