Black Culture

The creators said they wanted to make sure the movie was authentic to Black culture and the jazz music scene.
Through my hair journey from childhood to adulthood, I was able to shift from culturally curious, to culturally confident.
“Soul Summit: Doin’ It in the Park” explores the Brooklyn music festival's history and the gentrification that threatens to uproot it.
For Time magazine, the music mogul wrote about America's past and present with racism: "To live up to America’s ideals, we must trust in a Black vision of the future."
The star of “The High Note” breaks down the change she wants to see in Hollywood and beyond.
You can thank Black skaters for your trendy pandemic hobby.
Mayor Muriel Bowser called the genre "a creative force that has inspired generations of Washingtonians socially, culturally, and artistically."
The book, co-written with Dan Piepenbring, explores the musician's family life, racism and path to stardom.
Country music is deeply rooted in the black American experience, and yet the genre hasn't quite lost its original racial designation.
The popularity of Texas-style barbecue has white-washed a cuisine that was rooted in Native American and African heritage. These black pitmasters are trying to keep history intact.