"I have more books to write and more stories to dismantle this system. And I’ll be damned if anyone denies my right to write them."
"Irrespective of the neighborhood in which I live, regardless of how articulate I might seem, all I am and all I ever will be to some people is Black."
"The Talk" co-host says in the old clip that the Duchess of Sussex "doesn't look Black."
“Get Out” provided a new template for horror, but now the genre seems poised to go beyond the usual metaphors around race.
"You should absolutely cancel me, and I absolutely cancel myself," Jessica Krug of The George Washington University wrote on Medium.
After years of playing "Italian" and "ambiguously brown" characters, Jones is finally exploring what it means to be Black and mixed on screen.
Florida’s Democratic nominee for governor is black in a way that is commonplace in real life but basically nonexistent in high-level American politics.
“We are operating at maximum levels of ‘blacktivity’ that haven’t been seen in decades.”
Spare me the colorblind BS. I love Black people.