body hair

"How could there be yet another beauty standard — especially for a concealed body part — to add to the already overwhelming list of superficial ideals?"
Call it manscaping or just basic upkeep — these are the products and tips used by male exotic performers.
“Part of the appeal of having pit hair is that it makes me attractive to the people I actually want to be attractive to.”
The crystal hair eraser is a reusable gadget that left my sensitive skin incredibly smooth and stubble-free.
"Reaction videos began to pop up, featuring people who were incredibly unhappy with my appearance ― to put it mildly.”
Shaving, waxing and other methods of hair removal each come with their own set of rumors. It's time to put them to rest.
Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, the actor said he and his co-stars may "go natural" when they return for a third installment of the male stripper franchise.
To shave or not to shave? Millennial women have a complicated relationship with body hair.
“It won’t stop being a feminist issue until people stop telling women what to do with their bodies."
Billie's Movember campaign aims to destigmatize the "taboo" and totally normal spot women grow hair.