brian kilmeade

“Fox & Friends” anchor Brian Kilmeade “is covering Israel-Palestine like it’s The Big Game,” said “The Daily Show.”
Brian Kilmeade said he didn't know his "mic was open" when he called Rep. Don Bacon a "dumbass" over his vote for House speaker.
Brian Kilmeade unloads on Rep. Don Bacon for voting against Rep. Jim Jordan for speaker.
Rep. Tim Burchett said the Fox News host's questioning was "very negative," but that didn't stop Kilmeade's aggression.
Host Brian Kilmeade solemnly introduced Trump as "the president of the United States."
The "Fox & Friends" host had strong words for the former president after Trump dissed his press secretary.
Well, that’s something you don’t see every day on Fox News.
Kilmeade, the first to fill in for the departed Fox News prime-time star, gave him terse acknowledgment.
After the Fox News host announced he'd be hosting in the recently departed Carlson's time slot, fans went into a mega-tizzy.
"We’re doing something majorly, majorly wrong," the host of "The Story" said to her colleague following the mass shooting at a Nashville school.