“Comedy is wonderful, until you violate someone’s rights, then you get sued,” said Santos' lawyer.
The late-night host used the platform to toss fictitious tales at the disgraced congressman.
The ex-congressman is looking for a new hustle after being booted from the House last week.
The "Succession" star charges $689 to drop F-bombs on his fans.
The former New York City mayor's clip had people talking on Twitter.
The former Donald Trump attorney obliviously praised a group that has investigated one of his clients.
Donald Trump's former attorney has reportedly not received any assistance with his increasing legal troubles.
The former New York mayor is reportedly facing financial problems amid mounting legal issues.
One Twitter user hoped to get the former New York City mayor to act out his controversial appearance in "Borat 2."
The rapper shared a Cameo video of the Big Cat Rescue owners singing a version of his 2003 hit.