The "Nashville" actor "never got caught," but instead said he acknowledged his actions in conversation with Bartlett before the pair tied the knot.
The former runway model divorced Brady in 2022, spurring speculation.
Society still holds tight to the worn adage of "never speak ill of the dead," which made it nearly impossible for me to share my story.
The Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes scandal just got a Shania Twain remix.
Despite his longtime hosting duties, Harvey's family is apparently free of feuds.
The reality TV star discussed her feelings toward the basketball player in an episode of her family's Hulu show, "The Kardashians."
It's OK to set boundaries with a friend who has put you in the middle of their infidelity.
“My home was falling apart. I was finding out through the press that I had been betrayed while my dad was in the ICU,” she said.
“Come on now,” the “WAP” rapper told fans. “I’m f**king Cardi B."