child endangerment

The 29-year-old was accused of abandoning her children, ages 6 and 8, for nearly a week in a high-rise apartment.
A judge found that Kristel Candelario had committed “the ultimate act of betrayal” when she left her 16-month-old daughter alone at home, where she died from starvation and severe dehydration.
Mariah Thomas, 26, claims she mistook the oven for her 1-month-old daughter’s crib when she was putting her down for a nap, authorities said.
“Everybody going in there was just in complete shock,” an animal rescuer said.
Dax Tejera’s wife is facing charges for leaving her children unattended in their hotel room. So, when does a parenting mistake become a law-breaking one?
“It’s very disturbing,” a Manchester police spokesperson told reporters.
The kids are safe, but Color Wheel Learning Center in Prairieville, Louisiana, has had its license revoked.
Minnesota officials are considering charging the toddler's mother with child endangerment.