chris murphy

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee member stopped short of demanding a cease-fire in Gaza, where Israel has killed at least 9,000 Palestinians.
The Connecticut Democrat wants progressives to win over right-wing populists, rather than merely mock them.
The Connecticut Democrat said the justice is "stunningly wrong" to claim that Congress has no authority to impose ethics rules on the court.
The Connecticut Democrat said that the GOP's handling of the federal debt negotiations is "terrible for the country and for our reputation abroad."
“A court that’s already pretty illegitimate is going to be in full crisis mode” if justices strike down gun-safety restrictions, the Democratic senator said.
But the Connecticut Democrat believes that both parties can unite to address the crisis.
“There is a toxic mixture in this country today of hate, of anger, and a population that is increasingly armed to the teeth,” the Connecticut politician warned.
The senator said he broke his leg after someone tripped and fell on him during a victory parade for the University of Connecticut men's basketball team.
A bill requiring criminal background checks for all gun sales has no Republican support in the Senate. Some Democrats oppose it, too.
The Senate Democrat said another big focus should be on the handling of counties that refuse to enforce state and national gun laws.