“The United States has kept me locked up because I am American Indian,” said the ailing Indigenous rights activist who Biden could free, but hasn’t.
“Nothing is more emblematic of the mistreatment of American Indians and the uneven hand of the criminal justice system” than Peltier's imprisonment, they said.
"The power to exercise mercy in this case lies solely within your discretion," the Democratic senators said of the long-imprisoned Indigenous rights activist.
President Donald Trump granted clemency to more than 140 people, including former aides, political loyalists and rappers, just hours before leaving office.
“I continue to support efforts to free him,” the Vermont senator said of the 77-year-old Indigenous rights activist in a new letter obtained by HuffPost.
In a rare interview, the imprisoned Native American rights activist said he is also “grateful” to Biden for giving tribes their sovereignty back.
There is an ailing 77-year-old Indigenous man who has been in prison for 46 years who never should have been there in the first place. Why is he still there?
The president said he will grant 75 commutations and three pardons for people charged with low-level drug offenses or nonviolent crimes.
The imprisoned Native American rights activist “intentionally and mercilessly murdered” FBI agents, the bureau told HuffPost. Except that's not true.
“It is a matter of justice and compassion,” the DNC’s Native American Caucus leaders said of granting clemency to the ailing Indigenous rights activist.