Dan Scavino

“And that’s the end of my political career," said the former president.
“It is very, very powerful evidence if you look at it with the prism of what Jack Smith has to prove at trial," said Harry Litman.
Jenna Ellis told investigators a senior White House aide insisted to her that Trump was just going to “stay in power” despite losing the 2020 election.
Trump talked it up just days after he lost to Joe Biden, long before any major election irregularities could have been uncovered.
The action came the same day as the Justice Department said a grand jury had indicted Peter Navarro for his refusal to cooperate with the Jan. 6 committee’s investigation.
Dan Scavino ripped Truth Social scammers selling "fake" Trump "golden cards."
Former trade adviser Peter Navarro and social media chief Dan Scavino could face as much as a year behind bars for ignoring Jan. 6 committee subpoenas.
If approved, the criminal referrals will be sent to the Justice Department, which would decide whether to prosecute.
Peter Navarro helped plan a scheme to overturn Trump’s election loss, while Dan Scavino helped Trump spread lies about “fraud” and was with his boss on Jan. 6.
The House's Jan. 6 select committee reportedly had trouble finding Dan Scavino.