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Former cheerleaders for the Washington Commanders are still upset at the NFL for not releasing the investigation report into the workplace culture.
The NFL released a 23-page report detailing the findings of an independent investigation into Snyder's conduct.
All 32 team owners voted for the sale, which is the highest price paid for a North American professional sports team.
Dan Snyder is accused of, among other things, inappropriately touching a former employee and making staffers produce a video “of sexually suggestive footage of cheerleaders.”
D.C. Attorney General Karl A. Racine announced the filing against the NFL team.
The Washington D.C. attorney general says he's filing a civil consumer protection lawsuit against the Washington Commanders, Dan Snyder and others.
Snyder is under investigation for allegedly sexually harassing one of his employees, among other allegations.
During a congressional roundtable, former employees disclosed incidents of harassment and humiliation at the hands of the team's top executives.
The NFL Commissioner has yet to release findings about the team’s history of sexual harassment and its sexist, hostile workplace culture.
A new report finds a team ruled by fear, harassment and bullying.