Dating After Divorce

One woman was in her fifties and I overheard her telling a colleague that she was going to work this year on Christmas and New Years.
I went through the growing pains of any maturing 20-something woman. The difference is I had children while doing it and so my mistakes weren’t mine alone.
This past week celebrated #NationalBoyFriendDay and this year I'm grateful to have a man named Jason in my life who fits the bill.
Listen, everyone on the planet has had their heart broken at least fifteen times and very few (less than one percent), fail to fall in love again. So it goes without saying that the odds are in your favor that your dried up raisin of a heart will eventually heal enough to try this love thing again.
As I identify my weaknesses and continue to heal, eventually the "mess" will fade away. Then I will just be "hot."
It's Saturday night and you're out with your girlfriends. You spot a incredibly attractive man across the room. Instead of approaching him you secretly dream about him asking for your number as you talk about him to your friends. The night is soon over and you leave with Mr. Dreamy only in your dreams.
When people come to me asking about divorce, one underlying question always remains: "What does divorce really look like?" In other words, what will life look like when my marriage is finally over?
If you are in a relationship and you find yourself, as I did, pushing the eject button every time even the smallest issue arises, take it from me: the most important thing is not whether or not you fight; it's how you make it through the fight.