david cameron

Cameron’s appointment as foreign secretary brings back to government a leader brought down by Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.
“He knew his mother couldn’t last forever,” the former U.K. prime minister said of the new monarch.
David Cameron's scatological on-air gaffe gave TV hosts the giggles.
The former U.K. leader is mincing no words in his criticism of Johnson, whom he accused of choosing "Leave" to benefit his own political aspirations.
Boris Johnson is populist, politically incorrect and power-hungry. But the new prime minister is a unique breed of politician.
Analysis: too little, far too late from the PM as all sides monster her 'new' offer.
The shed-dwelling ex-prime minister unites a divided country.
Heads of state past and present have remembered the former president, who has died at the age of 94.
The 30-minute "Brexfit" classes have punching bags featuring the mugs of Britain's most hated politicians.