David Jolly

David Jolly’s warning involved immigration hardliner Stephen Miller.
Former Florida Rep. David Jolly said the new House speaker isn't a change in direction at all for the GOP.
David Jolly has a stark warning on what the next leader will really be like.
Former Florida Republican Rep. David Jolly warned of "a dark day."
"I don't think we should feel bad for Kevin McCarthy, because he has created this moment," David Jolly said.
David Jolly also highlighted a major difference between the former president and his successor.
"He's cooperating — and he's going to give up the president," said former Rep. David Jolly.
“It doesn’t matter if it’s presented in heels or boots, the DeSantis doctrine’s a losing one,” said David Jolly.
A royal visit in Saudi Arabia gave former Republican David Jolly a much better understanding of the key Trump ally, he told MSNBC's "The Beat."
The MSNBC host came up with a memorable way to describe the former president's new claim in the classified documents case.