The former NYC mayor was ordered to pay two Georgia election workers who were falsely accused of fraud as Giuliani pushed claims of stolen Trump votes.
Samantha Markle claimed her sister's comments about their relationship caused "humiliation, shame and hatred on a worldwide scale."
"We continue to monitor every statement that Donald Trump makes about our client.”
"We did what people thought was impossible," the writer recalled. "We beat Donald Trump.”
“If it will cause him pain for me to give money to certain things, that’s my intent,” Carroll said during her first interview following last week's $83.3 million verdict.
The walkout occurred shortly after closing began and minutes after the judge threatened to send Trump's attorney to jail for continuing to talk when he told her she was finished.
A default judgment this summer concluded that Giuliani was liable for defamation. All that remained was to establish his financial penalty.
The former Donald Trump election lawyer talked a big game earlier this week about taking the stand in his own defense.
Donald Trump's former election lawyer has already been found liable for defamation.
“Undeterred by the truth, Media Matters has opted for new tactics in its campaign to drive advertisers from X,” claimed the site once known as Twitter.