Drinking game

These gatherings are free, fun and interactive, scratching an itch many didn’t realize they had pre-pandemic.
In "Pirro's" drinking game, she takes a swig every time Donald Trump ignores a congressional subpoena.
The "Deadpool" star went all in on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon.
... and he teaches you how to play Trump Nomination Bingo, too.
For 'Fixer Upper': Drink if/when Jo says shiplap. Okay, this one may get you sick drunk. Keep a throw up bucket nearby... Jo really likes shiplap. Drink twice if they make a joke about shiplap or Jo's obsession with the white wood. Or, if Chip makes a joke about something sexual or his height.
For viewers who don't know diversity is an issue this year.
Now, the waiters and waitresses for our area were dressed casually, in jeans and polo shirts. The wait staff for the private party, however, was dressed, well, more colorfully.
Sobering fact: Years of heavy drinking have a less negative effect on women, compared to men. High school gym teacher Jen
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have laid out their updated (and very specific) rules for their Golden Globes drinking game. Proceed with caution!
The returns have started, so it's time to tune into your cable news network of choice -- CNN, MSNBC or Fox News -- crack