While they may seem harmless, these errors can come back to haunt you.
Don't make this common mistake when reaching out to people over email. Here's how to do it right.
There's something you should consider before firing off that furious missive — and it could help your cause.
"'Reply all' to every group email. Stop the insanity!"
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"When someone emails you and then you email them back but they have an Out Of Office message up, that's the 'down low, too slow' of the adult world."
It's common to word your out-of-office message this way, but it could be causing you unnecessary issues when you get back.
Seeing more “YoUve bEen ChOSEN!” emails in your Gmail inbox? Here’s how to stop them from sneaking in so often.
It was Affleck who reached out first, the "Marry Me" actor said.
Some of the same factors — such as anxiety — might be to blame either way.