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"When someone emails you and then you email them back but they have an Out Of Office message up, that's the 'down low, too slow' of the adult world."
It's common to word your out-of-office message this way, but it could be causing you unnecessary issues when you get back.
Seeing more “YoUve bEen ChOSEN!” emails in your Gmail inbox? Here’s how to stop them from sneaking in so often.
It was Affleck who reached out first, the "Marry Me" actor said.
Some of the same factors — such as anxiety — might be to blame either way.
"I was like, ‘Oh my God this is so amazing,’ and then it was like, ‘Oh no, sorry, April Fool’s Day,’” one recipient said of Northeastern University School of Law’s error.
Experts share their advice for taking control over your email and living free from digital clutter.
He’s boasted about plotting to keep Donald Trump in power. Now, Peter Navarro is facing fresh scrutiny, for allegedly hiding emails from his time in the White House.
Garner held her head in her hands on "The Late Late Show" after discovering that Kinnear had definitely seen her gaffe.