eric bolling

The Alabama senator’s complaint gets turned against him.
The GOP presidential campaign has taken a turn for the weird.
The former New Jersey governor fired back after Trump slammed him during a radio interview.
The Trump loyalist and former vice presidential candidate made the remark about the Jan. 6 sentences in a stunning whitewash of what happened.
"This is another of Donald Trump's fabrications," the former New Jersey governor said.
The network is currently facing a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit.
Twitter users called out comedian Chrissie Mayr after a Chick-fil-A discussion took a turn.
The Florida governor froze up on Newsmax just one day after technical difficulties spoiled a Twitter Space announcement of his presidential run.
Former Fox Nation host Lara Logan used an interview on Newsmax TV to peddle the racist “great replacement” theory and claims of a global cabal.
"You've gone too far," Eric Bolling told his former Fox News colleague.