federal spending

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) faces his first challenge as the Republican’s top dog: a government shutdown. It didn’t go so well for the last guy in the job.
The Republican leader was unintentionally funny when he shared his off-base opinion about congressional funding negotiations.
After huddling with members, party leaders downplayed divisions.
New York's governor wants to know “who is bailing out whom" when it comes to federal aid for coronavirus battle.
Every political observer knows that we're living in a time of historically low trust in government and high partisan polarization. But a growing federal commitment to accountability and transparency could begin to change that.
Listening to all the campaign trail chatter of increasing defense spending, one could conclude that deficit reduction has fallen off the political radar. But, it this what the voters want?
The government spends about $1 on healthcare of every $4 that Americans pay in federal income taxes.
Remarkably, a few priorities have broken through the partisan gridlock as things that appropriators from both parties agree that the U.S. budget should support. For the past few years, wildlife trafficking has been one of those priorities.
President Obama included in his budget an important initiative to strengthen the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.