firing squad

Idaho is the latest state to turn to older methods of capital punishment amid a nationwide shortage of lethal-injection drugs.
The last execution by firing squad in the U.S. was in 2010.
If Richard Bernard Moore is executed as scheduled on April 29, he would be the first person put to death in the state since 2011.
The option was added after the state was unable to obtain the drugs necessary to carry out lethal injections.
The state's electric chair is 109 years old.
The rifleman mustering for a firing squad is honest - an icon of retribution without pretense. If we can own his violent act on our behalf, capital punishment suits us. But clinical killing is euphemism - a cowardly way for us to deceive ourselves.
A law signed Monday by Gov. Gary R. Herbert (R) establishes firing squads as a secondary execution method in the event the Department of Corrections can't obtain drugs for lethal injection.