fossil fuels

The Interior Department also moved to safeguard 13 million acres within the National Petroleum Reserve in northern Alaska.
Republicans say people concerned about unprecedented heat around the world should just chill out.
Environmentalists had mixed reactions to the proposal, with some calling it an inadequate step in the face of looming climate disaster.
The 20-year-old climate activist is accused of refusing police orders when she and other activists participated in a protest aimed at blocking fuel transports.
The administration ordered a 20-year moratorium on new fossil fuel leasing within 10 miles of Chaco Canyon.
The White House’s budget agreement with the GOP delivers the Mountain Valley Pipeline – sans the permitting reforms the renewable industry hoped for last year.
New regulations at the Environmental Protection Agency aim to set requirements so tough, power plants turn to carbon capture and carmakers roll out more EVs.
The actor and activist warns that the fossil fuel industry is destroying the climate — and legislators won't do anything to stop it.
The 30-year Willow project has been denounced as a "carbon bomb."
A leak in a fuel pipeline facility in California has forced a shutdown of deliveries of gasoline and diesel from the Los Angeles to areas including Las Vegas and Phoenix.