gaza city

“This has gone on for far too long without sufficient action," Sen. Chris Van Hollen said.
The U.S. coordinated with Israel, Egypt and others in rescuing the mother of a U.S. serviceman and her American brother-in-law.
Israeli troops have cut off the northern part of the Hamas-ruled territory as communications lost overnight for several hours were gradually being restored.
The Israeli military said a large number of militants were killed, including the commander overseeing Hamas operations in northern Gaza.
Najla Shawa and her family are safe for now after fleeing their home in Gaza City.
The Israeli action that killed nine Palestinians was the deadliest single raid in the West Bank in over two decades.
Reporters with the Associated Press and Al Jazeera were given just an hour to evacuate their offices before Israel bombed the building.
The Israeli government has not provided clear evidence supporting its decision to level the tower in Gaza City, The Associated Press’ executive editor said.
Hamas and other armed groups fired rockets toward Israel in an escalation of the conflict sparked by weeks of tensions in Jerusalem.
The incident threatened to unleash a fierce round of cross-border violence with Palestinian militants.