gender affirming care

A North Dakota judge has ruled that he won’t immediately block the state’s ban on gender-affirming health care for minors.
Many people in conservative states are having to make a difficult choice after facing harassment and anti-trans laws.
"I quickly realized that as a teen, there would be elements of my gender transition that were fully beyond my control."
The ban went into effect after Republican legislators overrode a veto from Democratic Governor Roy Cooper in August.
The new law will make it a felony crime for health care workers to provide gender-affirming care to young transgender people.
Their purpose is to convince judges that gender-affirming care is scientifically controversial, unnecessary and dangerous — and they're increasingly having an impact.
"We love you, but wait," Pence said, in response to a town hall question about providing trans children with gender-affirming care.
The ban initially took effect on July 1, but a federal judge temporarily blocked part of it last month.
Trans youth in the state will experience immediate “detrimental effects” to their physical and mental well-being, advocates say.
"At 25 years old, I found out that my breasts could be a ticking time bomb."