Gentrification is not just the buying up of land once inhabited by Black folks — it's also the naming of things.
There’s nothing wrong with cultural exchanges, many critics say, but why can’t the influencers get the names right or give credit where credit's due?
"People do not like being taken for granted," said the leader of a union that endorsed Walton.
“Soul Summit: Doin’ It in the Park” explores the Brooklyn music festival's history and the gentrification that threatens to uproot it.
“We’ve exhausted all our options.” Unaffordable rents and dilapidated homes are pushing people to radical action.
The series, produced by America Ferrera, follows a Mexican American family battling racism and rising rents in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood.
Then he marched out Buckwheat, Gumby and Velvet Jones, pitching his books about "hoes."
The colorful new trailer promises a film that highlights Latinx issues such as immigration and gentrification.
The state's high cost of living and tourism-focused development is making it difficult for some Native Hawaiians to keep their homes.