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The description could certainly apply to some of his colleagues at Fox News.
"The record to me is pretty damn clear that there was a riot that was incited and encouraged and unleashed by Trump,” Rivera told The New York Times.
“If you come into my grandchildren’s house and you are not vaccinated, I’m going to kick you in the ass," Rivera told Fox News colleague Greg Gutfeld.
“I think you’ve been, with all due respect and I love you, gaslighting, changing the subject," Rivera told his fellow Fox News personality.
"You know nothing about me!" Leo Terrell shouted after Rivera asked him when he was last in the ghetto.
“Maybe if I kept my mouth shut another six months it would have been a different story,” the journalist told "Fox & Friends."
The Fox News host is accused of echoing Nazi rhetoric in an off-the-rails rant against migrants and essential workers.
The Fox News pundit said the former president is "guilty as charged of inciting that mob," then added, "I hope he's not convicted."
Trump’s election loss “made him crazy or revealed a dysfunction I had refused to see,” said the Fox News personality, a former staunch ally of the president.
"Sadly, he lost a bitterly contested election," said Rivera, who was once one of the president's foremost supporters at Fox News. "S**t happens."
"What the hell are we supposed to do?" the Fox News personality and Trump ally asked.
“The president is wrong. There is no avenue left," Donald Trump's longtime friend said.
"You are wrong. You are misleading the American people," Trump's old friend said.
"The longer we drag this out, the more we damage the fabric of our democracy," the president's longtime friend warned him on-air.
Geraldo Rivera, an ally of President Donald Trump, now says Trump is not picking up his calls after Rivera acknowledged that President-elect Joe Biden won the 2020 election.
The conservative commentator said the president won't take his calls "because of my position on the election being over."
One Twitter user snarkily reminded the veteran journalist, "but you, uh, want people to take it right?"
Donald Trump takes center stage in "The Daily Show" montage of conservatives who for weeks dismissed the threat of the coronavirus.
President Donald Trump now admits to sending his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, to Ukraine to coerce a foreign government to investigate his potential political opponent Joe Biden. Trump had previously denied any involvement in Giuliani’s trips to Ukraine.
The president's personal attorney pressured Ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on Joe Biden, a central part of Trump's impeachment.