Glenn Kirschner

Glenn Kirschner pinpointed the incident that backfired on the former president.
Glenn Kirschner explained exactly what he’d do with the former president’s Truth Social post.
Glenn Kirschner pointed out a key difference with the former president.
Glenn Kirschner said the strategy "never ends well for a testifying defendant who is a great big liar like Donald Trump is."
Glenn Kirschner picked apart a central claim in the former president's newest move.
“Looks like he’s boxed them up, taped up the box, and sent them to long-term storage,” said Glenn Kirschner.
Glenn Kirschner broke down his concern that judges haven't "stepped up to address" the threat of the former president.
The MSNBC host said a new development about the former New York mayor could undercut one of Trump's legal arguments.
John Lauro was a “bomb thrower” who “sounded like he was making arguments to Donald Trump’s base, not to the judge,” said Glenn Kirschner.