Greg Abbott

Student activists defied a 2 p.m. deadline to leave an encampment of around 120 tents on the school’s Manhattan campus
The Biden administration announced a more inclusive rewrite of the law to add protections for abuse survivors, students' parents and LGBTQ+ students.
Texas has argued it has a right to take action over what Gov. Greg Abbott has described as an “invasion” of migrants on the border.
The homeland security secretary accused the Texas governor of "trying to wreak havoc" in cities across the country.
The Texas Republican, however, told CNN Sunday, “There’s so many people other than myself who are best situated for that” role.
“If anything, I think it makes for better pictures for campaign ads,” said one former Texas Army National Guard medic.
Ayman Mohyeldin rips GOP lawmakers for refusing a Supreme Court ruling.
The state is restricting the U.S. Border Patrol after the Supreme Court cleared the way for federal agents to cut or remove razor wire at the border.
A conservative panic about immigrants at the southern border has included calls to "buy weapons."
The party of Lincoln sides with John C. Calhoun in its constitutional showdown over immigration.