Activists, students and everyday people said they are being intimidated for their pro-Palestine activism.
"You will spend the rest of your life trying and failing to wipe yourself off the internet," Marques Jamal Jackson allegedly told his ex-girlfriend.
The case revolved around Facebook messages a man sent to a local singer.
The Aggies ended their season early after details of an alleged 3-on-1 sexual attack on a teammate emerged.
eBay employees sent live spiders and other disturbing items to the authors of a newsletter critical of the company, at one point flying to Boston to stalk them.
The rapper has targeted his ex Kim Kardashian, her new boyfriend Pete Davidson and comedian Trevor Noah in recent posts.
“That was a direct effort to activate an online mob to attack a journalist for doing his job," The Associated Press' incoming CEO wrote in a letter.
"The internet can make you feel like you know a person — until they actually show you what they’re capable of."
“The governor needs to be held accountable,” Brittany Commisso said after filing a criminal complaint against him over groping allegations.
It was clear after a Friday afternoon press conference that the New York governor will not be resigning.