The "Doggystyle" rapper said he's “been in a scene with ostriches, iguanas, all kinds of s**t” — but he refuses to interact with a certain barnyard beast.
The horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park could be captured, then given away or auctioned under a National Park Service plan that labels them "livestock."
The mustang deaths included four horses with broken necks and a stallion with a snapped rear leg that necessitated euthanasia.
“What has happened at our track is deeply upsetting and absolutely unacceptable,” the track's CEO admitted.
The colt had stumbled on the track during a workout Thursday, although trainer Todd Pletcher had downplayed it.
“People are sick to their stomachs over this,” an advocate said of the incident, which is renewing calls to ban the tourist attraction.
Horse advocates say the roundups are being driven by ranchers who don’t want the mustangs competing with their livestock for limited forage and water.
Churchill Downs said it has suspended Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert following the postrace drug test that has put his horse's win in jeopardy.
A color run on skis, Democrats in South Carolina and Japanese wrestling round out this week's best images.