Johnson is negotiating with the White House as he prepares for the treacherous task of advancing wartime funding for Ukraine and Israel through the House.
As an April 19 deadline approaches, it's increasingly likely the existing law will be extended.
Advocates will get a chance for a floor vote on how agencies gather personal data, but they say it’s a set up.
Donald Trump's son-in-law has been a poster boy for cashing in on government service in basically the same way that Republicans claim the Bidens have done.
His resignation, to be effective in April, will cut House Republicans' already narrow margin over Democrats even further.
Michael McCaul later apologized for the outburst, calling it "uncharacteristic of me."
The president's son sat for a lengthy deposition last month, but he's apparently had second thoughts about facing Republicans in public.
House Republicans' campaign arm crowed about their new recruits for seats in the chamber. A few months on, many are well behind in campaign cash.
Johnson has said that life begins "from the moment of fertilization," a statement that would appear to include frozen fertilized embryos.
The Justice Department said that a key witness in the impeachment probe has had “contact with officials affiliated with Russian intelligence.”