House Ethics Committee

The GOP lawmaker has remained defiant in the face of a third round of voting on his expulsion.
“I am embarrassed to admit that I activated the fire alarm," the Democrat said last month.
The GOP congressman “blatantly stole from his campaign,” and “the most appropriate punishment is expulsion,” said Rep. Michael Guest (R-Miss.).
One wit joked that "paying for gay porn with Republican contributions is a next-level, once-in-a-lifetime STUNT."
The committee will instead unveil details and evidence from the investigation and allow members to decide whether to expel the New York Republican.
The identities of the individuals who bailed out Rep. George Santos after his indictment have been revealed.
They claim that the House lacked the two-thirds majority needed to expel Santos, but they blocked a vote that could prove that.
The panel will also review whether Santos was truthful on financial disclosure forms, whether he may have violated conflict-of-interest laws and allegations of sexual misconduct.
The embattled congressman is accused of inappropriately touching a volunteer in his office and rescinding the man's job offer after his advance was rebuffed.
Republicans are set to take over the House majority next month, and it’s unlikely the ethics committee's GOP members will go after fellow party members.