Ivy League

The school is likely to challenge the players' status as employees, and a lengthy legal battle is likely to follow.
The union effort is the latest threat to the amateur status of college sports, but it could face a lengthy legal challenge.
The former president of Harvard was never going to have an easy time at the elite white institution. And Trump Republicans made sure of it.
In a New York Times op-ed, Claudine Gay said she hopes her resignation "will deny demagogues the opportunity to further weaponize my presidency."
Accusations of plagiarism have ruined the careers of academics and undergraduates alike.
The news follows weeks of political pressure and plagiarism accusations aimed at Gay.
The school’s governing board reaffirmed its support for Claudine Gay, who came under fire following her comments about antisemitic threats.
The letter asks Harvard's governing body to “resist political pressures” to oust Claudine Gay, who came under fire for her remarks at a congressional hearing.
"It’s no secret that celebrity professors are thought to be great for universities... but these benefits come with a cost."