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Nearly four decades into her career, Michelle Yeoh found that "as you get older, the roles get smaller" and "you start getting relegated to the side more and more." However, "Everything Everywhere All At Once" broke that cycle by casting her in the lead.
Producer Joshua Fox says the actor got aggressive after he approached him outside a hotel restaurant in Sydney.
Jacob Elordi recalled the celeb approaching him at a club to express admiration for the HBO series.
The “Saltburn” star took a whiff of the candle inspired by the movie’s creepiest scene.
The actor opened up about a part of the film that has inspired candles and cocktails.
Elordi recently told GQ that he feels Netflix's "Kissing Booth" romantic comedy trilogy is "ridiculous."
“He’s quite literally saying exactly the same things Rachel Zegler has been getting crucified for,” one person wrote on X.
Director Emerald Fennell’s absurd new film, while entertaining, isn’t the wealth satire many want it to be. And it misses an opportunity to be something better.
Taylor Zakhar Perez appeared alongside the "Priscilla" actor in Netflix's teen rom-com franchise.
Elordi became a heartthrob for teenagers thanks to the popularity of Netflix's "The Kissing Booth."