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After the congressman claimed that the president's son was indicted to "protect him," Tapper sarcastically said, “The classic rubric, I got it.”
Hunter Biden has volunteered to testify publicly, but he's refused the private deposition that Republicans demanded.
Subpoenaed bank records suggest Hunter Biden sent his father recurring payments worth $1,380 per month.
The Kentucky Republican's explanation for why he thinks the GOP is ready to approve an impeachment inquiry got mocked by a Biden aide.
The president’s son has previously talked about many of the allegations Republicans are making.
Rep. Jared Moskowitz wondered why the House Oversight Committee chair seems “scared” of Hunter Biden publicly testifying.
An attorney for the president’s son says a closed-door deposition could be used for selective leaks.
“I used to teach 4-to-6-year-olds. They were better behaved than some of the people in this place,” remarked one Senate Democrat.
The leader of the House impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden bristled at a suggestion he'd been involved in a shady business deal.
The request marks the first time Republicans have sent legally enforceable information requests to Biden family members.