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“Donald Trump’s hero, Vladimir Putin, is responsible for the death of Alexei Navalny,” the Maryland Democrat said.
The Justice Department said that a key witness in the impeachment probe has had “contact with officials affiliated with Russian intelligence.”
The focus on Trump’s very real foreign government payments comes as Republicans push evidence-free claims that Joe Biden received similar payments.
The late-night host points out the wildest moments of the Hunter Biden hearing.
If Trump's theory was in practice, he could assassinate senators and get away with it, the Democratic lawmaker said.
Trump’s obvious payday stands in stark contrast to the muddled corruption allegations that Republicans have lobbed at President Joe Biden.
"Oh, he absolutely should recuse himself,” the Maryland Democrat said. “The question is: What do we do if he doesn’t recuse himself?”
The Maryland Democrat called on the nine justices to strike down Trump's "extravagant and baseless claim of presidential immunity."
The Maryland lawmaker put House Republicans' hypocrisy on display.
The Maryland Democrat warned what would be to come from a second Trump administration.