Jared Moskowitz

"He and many other Jewish leaders deserve better than to be treated this way," the New York Democrat said of Rep. Jared Moskowitz's remarks.
The Florida Democrat seems to have mastered the art of getting to James Comer, the Republican chair of the House Oversight Committee.
Jared Moskowitz mocked Republicans for having “nothing new” in their inquiry into the president.
"I'll make the motion, Mr. Chairman," said Rep. Jared Moskowitz. "You can second it, right? Make the motion to impeach President Biden. Go ahead."
After Comer told Sean Hannity that the ex-president kept classified documents in only one place, Rep. Jared Moskowitz posted a super-cut showing otherwise.
Jared Moskowitz trolled Comer after the Justice Department charged the FBI informant with lying about the Biden family.
Jared Moskowitz said he'd vote to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress... on one condition.
Rep. Jared Moskowitz wondered why the House Oversight Committee chair seems “scared” of Hunter Biden publicly testifying.
The leader of the House impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden bristled at a suggestion he'd been involved in a shady business deal.
“As a former director of emergency management, I know a disaster when I see one," quipped Rep. Jared Moskowitz.