joaquin castro

The Democratic lawmaker said Republican Gov. Greg Abbott's new policies were "barbaric" drowning devices.
Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Joaquin Castro said Bolsonaro should be extradited after supporters attacked government buildings in Brasilia.
Rep. Joaquin Castro and Sen.-designate Alex Padilla want immigrants working on the front lines of COVID-19 to get the chance to become U.S. citizens.
"Donald Trump should never become a future generation’s confederate symbol," said the Texas Democrat, who will introduce legislation.
The recommendation from the Democratic steering and policy committee makes it near-certain that Meeks will become the panel's first Black chair.
Justice Democrats, the Sunrise Movement, the Center for International Policy and others are boosting Castro's run for House Foreign Affairs Committee chair.
The Texas representative seeks to assume control of a key committee overseeing national security. He shared his pitch exclusively with HuffPost.
Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro paid tribute to his "warm, loving" stepmom on Twitter.
“This is the kind of s**t that led to El Paso," Texas Rep. Joaquín Castro tweeted in response.