Josh Shapiro

Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro weighed in on polls in the state that show Biden and Trump essentially tied in a potential rematch with each other.
Josh Shapiro had a short, sharp answer to a question about the anti-immigration Trump adviser.
The Keystone State is the 24th state in the country to adopt the practice.
Pennsylvania Democrats swept three special elections, gaining new power in an important swing state for the first time in a dozen years.
“I mean, who cares if he calls, right?” governor-elect Josh Shapiro said earlier Sunday.
John Fetterman thanked his supporters after beating Republican rival Dr. Mehmet Oz in the race to become Pennsylvania’s next senator.
Democrat Josh Shapiro defeated pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Doug Mastriano to become the next governor of Pennsylvania.
Shapiro’s campaign highlighted Mastriano’s multiple ties to extremists, including QAnon conspiracists and antisemites.
The Democratic attorney general running for governor of Pennsylvania hopes to turn what is typically a Democratic weakness into a source of strength.